Halstead Bay aerial photo

History of This Lake Minnetonka Property

The Woods on Halstead's Bay provides a unique place to build the home of your dreams. This rare opportunity is only available today because of Curt Carlson’s desire, almost 50 years ago, to save this lakeshore property as a family retreat.

Curt Carlson

Why has this site not been developed before?

In the 1960’s Curt Carlson bought this site with the thought that someday in the future it would be a great place for the next generation of Carlson’s to live. Curt held the property for several decades, during which he would visit this site with his family for picnics and on a few occasions he entertained development plans for this property, but nothing happened until now.

Captain Frank Halstead

Who was this Lake Minnetonka bay named after?

Hallstead’s Bay, Halstead Bay, Halsted Bay – You will see a lot of different spellings of this bay on the various maps and plans related to Lake Minnetonka. According to the book "Historic Lake Minnetonka” by Stephanie Larson and Nancy P. Steinke, namesake Captain Frank Halstead of New Jersey came to the lake area in 1855. At some point, the name of the bay was misspelled as “Halsteds”, and it was never changed. Halsted Bay is a 544-acre bay. Its main tributary is Six Mile Creek, which enters from the west. A flowering perennial named the American Lotus can be found in the bay. The plant, which is primarily found in the south, is believed to have been brought to Lake Minnetonka by the Native Americans as a food source. Lake Minnetonka is one of the few areas in the state that has the American Lotus plant.

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