Homes For Sale on Lake Minnetonka

Homes on Lake Minnetonka

March 22, 2019

Lake Minnetonka is home to some of the most historical and noteworthy homes in Minnesota. The lake is home to modern mansions worth millions of dollars as well as historical cabin homes that prove they’re here to stay.

A Rich History: Historical Homes on Lake Minnetonka

Throughout the history of Lake Minnetonka, some homes have stood the test of time. From quaint cabins to beautiful Tudor-style retreats, these homes and many others help tell the story of Lake Minnetonka.

The Brooks House

Located in the city of Wayzata, The Brooks House was constructed in 1919 by Dwight Brooks, a well-to-do Minneapolis banker. The home sits on a peninsula into the Lake, which connects to the most historic area of Wayzata, the Bushaway Road. The Brooks House was designed in true “Tudor revival” style and features stucco walls and a beautiful stone chimney. It looks like a cottage, complete with a carriage house and a caretaker’s house.

The Cargill House

The Cargill House was constructed in 1905 by the brother of the founder of the infamous Cargill Corporation. With a focus on the beautiful landscape of Lake Minnetonka, the home offers open spaces such as verandas and wrap-around porches. It was built in the traditional Craftsman style, although the home is known for its straight roof, fashioned to match the Minnesota skyline.

Fruen Cabin

There are cabins around Lake Minnetonka for those wishing to experience lake living at its best. But, the Fruen Cabin is one of the oldest, built in 1927 by William Fruen. The cabin features a historic boathouse, right on the shore, plus a large deck for lake viewing. The Fruen Cabin is a labor of love, with stone steps and walls around the shore that took approximately four years to construct.

Must-See Famous Homes on Lake Minnetonka

Beyond the historic homes of Lake Minnetonka, there are iconic homes that boast thousands of square feet, swanky living quarters and amenities you can only dream about. What are some of the must-see famous homes on the lake?

The Bella Vista Estate

The estate built in 2012 is rumored to be sitting on the highest point on Lake Minnetonka. The mansion is huge, coming in at 18,007 square feet with five bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a 1,532 square foot garage. The home also showcases 195 feet of shoreline, a bowling alley, an elevator, movie theater and many more unique amenities. The home is currently listed for sale—the most expensive listing on the lake.

Tanager Hill

Built in 1939 by Charles Bell, the son of James Ford Bell, founder of General Mills, Tanager Hill is a sprawling beauty of a home. Tanager Hill is a white brick colonial-style mansion, sitting right on top of a hill. It has beautiful views of Lake Minnetonka in the front and Tanager Lake in the back, with 32 acres of land. The home is 13,000 square feet, with six bedrooms, ten bathrooms and a six-car garage.

Noteworthy Homes Sold on the Lake

Plenty of homes have sold on Lake Minnetonka over the past few years. However, a couple stand out given the ultimate price paid for a piece of precious Lake Minnetonka property.

1725 Bohns Point Road, Orono

This Bohns Point home sold for over 8 million in 2017. It boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, with 12,792 square feet of living space. The home was built in 2000 on top of 2.51 acres of land on Lake Minnetonka. The lakeshore estate is complete with pool and gardens, in the middle of a private estate neighborhood.

20350 Lakeview Avenue, Deephaven

With sweeping views from every room, this Lakeview Avenue home sold for over 7 million in 2017. The 6,890 square foot estate features patios to enjoy the sunset on the lake, plus private lakeshore access. The home is a landmark Cottagewood site, completely rebuilt to include every detail you could need.

2209 Huntington Point Road East, Minnetonka Beach

This home features 160 feet of lakeshore and 1.35 acres of property. Complete with English gardens and an expansive bluestone patio, this home is a perfect place to enjoy the Lake Minnetonka sun. Built in true colonial style, this home features custom craftsmanship throughout, with 8,467 square feet of living space. The home sold for over 7 million in 2017.

Looking for Homes for Sale on Lake Minnetonka?

Just like the lucky owners of these homes, you could own your own piece of land on Lake Minnetonka. To learn more about homes for sale on Lake Minnetonka, (952) 210-2626 or send us a message.

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