Restoring Open Spaces to Their Natural Splendor

July 27, 2019

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The Earth laughs in flowers." This is why you can't help but smile when you drive through The Cove on Lake Minnetonka. 

Though the queen jewel of The Cove on Lake Minnetonka is Lake Minnetonka itself, our incredible array of flowers and plants leave an impression you won't soon forget. The Cove is where residents build their dream home along the beautiful shore of Lake Minnetonka. Our landscaping throughout our over 12 miles of trails and sidewalks blends seamlessly with the custom homes in the neighborhood. 

The beautiful Joe Pye Weed is a late-blooming perennial native to much of the United States, including Minnesota. It's not just a wildflower. It was also used as an herb to reduce fevers. It's named after a Native American Herbalist. 

From the moment you enter The Cove on Lake Minnetonka until you depart, you will see an incredible array of flowers and shrubs in a natural setting, complimenting, but not overpowering the natural landscape of the lakeshore. We have spent years curating a collection of deliberately chosen native flowers and plants to restore the Open Spaces that surround The Cove on Lake Minnetonka. 

The beautiful Bee Balm pictured below is fragrant as well as functional. Keep an eye out for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees, all of which are attracted to this flower. You might also see it bloom in red, pink, purple or white. If you enjoy bird watching, keep an eye on the Bee Balm in the fall and winter, which is when its seeds attract area birds. 

The restoration of our prairies has been a priority as we have built up the community. Throughout the season you will see a variety of native plants and wildflowers spring up throughout the community. Focusing on the species native to Minnesota allows them to flourish as they are already adapted to the soil and climate. 

The bright yellow flower of the coreopsis, also known as calliopsis or tickseed is a local favorite. It's popular because of its ability to spread quickly creating a beautiful ground covering. It's bright and cheery flowers are adored by many.

As you drive through The Cove on Lake Minnetonka, or stroll along our over 12 miles of trails and sidewalks, we invite you to try to identify some of the native species in our restored open spaces. 

Canada Wild Rye is abundant across the central and Great Plains. It might remind you of barley. This beautiful grass can grow three to five feet tall, making it a wonderful part of our Open Spaces. 

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