The Wonders of Winter on Lake Minnetonka

January 26, 2019

When you think of luxury lakeshore living you usually conjure up images of warm summer days boating across Lake Minnetonka, fishing or swimming near one of the many beaches in the area. We don't hear as much about the wonders and adventures of lakeshore living in the winter.

At The Cove on Lake Minnetonka we embrace all of the beautiful seasons that Minnesota has to offer. This winter has been a unique one here in the Lake Minnetonka area, in that we had an amazing stretch of little snow and glass like conditions across Lake Minnetonka.

If it's one thing we know it's that Minnesotans embrace winter and the many outdoor activities that go along with it. This winter is proving no different. The Star Tribune recently did a story about the fabulous ice conditions on Lake Minnetonka this winter.

Ice skating on Lake Minnetonka

It's not news that families create ice skating rinks on Lake Minnetonka for their own use. What is news this season is how clear the lake has been due to our early season lack of snow. People have been ice skating across Lake Minnetonka to go to lunch, happy hour and other activities. The photo above by Grechen Spotke beautifully captures an ice boat on Lake Minnetonka.

We have heard from several area Lake Minnetonka residents who have ice skated from Excelsior all the way to Wayzata and back. This is not an annual occurrence. At The Cove On Lake Minnetonka we work to create an oasis where you can enjoy your home and mother nature all in one place.

Ice skating on Lake Minnetonka

We have truly enjoyed seeing how our residents and others who live in the Lake Minnetonka area are getting out and making the most of a beautiful Minnesota winter. It is an experience to swim in a lake one season, to then stand upon it in the next. To live in Minnesota is to embrace all of its seasons. That is something we strive for in our community at The Cove on Lake Minnetonka.

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