How Goats are Helping Out on Our Lakeshore Peninsula

October 13, 2018

You may have seen an interesting site recently on the peninsula at The Cove on Lake Minnetonka. It's all part of an eco-friendly plan as homes on our eleven acre lakeshore peninsula on Lake Minnetonka are becoming a reality.

The Cove on Lake Minnetonka has been dealing with an issue plaguing Minnesota landscapes since the 1800’s. Buckthorn otherwise known as Rhammus cathartica, is an invasive shrub brought over from Europe as hedging. The nursery industry stopped selling it in the 1900’s as they came to see it was a threat to wetlands and prairies.

Goats grazing in The Cove on Lake Minnetonka

We recently implement an eco-friendly solution to dealing with this invasive species. One that we felt honored the nature that surrounds our lakeshore homesites, which would also be effective. We employed the services of a heard of goats. Yes, you heard that right, goats. It turns out goats love to eat buckthorn.

Our herd of goats spent several days happily devouring the buckthorn, while also fertilizing the area. While they were here the gate was being installed on our eleven-acre peninsula featuring seven stunning lake lots with sweeping views of Lake Minnetonka. The individuals working on the gate reported that the goats were very curious and came running down the road to see what all the fuss was about.

Residents in our community also enjoyed seeing the goats grazing during their stay at The Cove on Lake Minnetonka. Many made multiple trips with their kids to our peninsula where the goats were fenced in.

Our experience with the goats was a wonderful one and if need be, we will be happy to have them back as our development of The Cove on Lake Minnetonka continues. We have a few remaining lakeshore homesites available as well as lots on our eleven acre peninsula, which the goats just helped to prepare for building by grazing on the buckthorn.

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