Want more details? Or, looking for literature in PDF? You will find both in this section along with a list of recommended builders, and please always feel free to contact us with questions or to schedule a tour of the neighborhood.



Overview of The Cove on Lake Minnetonka along with maps and a summary of amenities.


Homesite Map

A printable version of the homesite map with basic lot information.


Lot Prices

If you are looking for prices, you can request them with the homesite pricing form.

Area Schools

A two page document providing information on the Westonka Area School district. Visit the district’s website for additional details.


Regional Guide to Lake Minnetonka

A map that highlights some of what the area has to offer. An interactive version with more points of interest can be found on the Explore Lake Minnetonka web page.



Charles Cudd Co.

A Minnesota builder that offers a seamless process of architectural design, interior design, and construction services to achieve superb results while controlling costs.

David Weekley Homes

Since founding in 1976, David Weekley has grown to become the largest privately-held home builder in America, allowing it to provide exceptional service to clients.

Gonyea Homes

With Gonyea, everything is “in-house.” From finding the right lot, to determining a realistic budget, to planning and design decisions, to superior construction and warranty. You get a smooth experience, no regrets, and sweet dreams.


Westonka School District

The Cove on Lake Minnetonka is within the Westonka School District. Learn about this highly ranked district at their website.

Three Rivers Park District

A park and trail system that serves the west suburban Twin Cities area of Minnesota with events and activities for all seasons.

Customer Resources

Files in this section require a password to access. Please contact us to gain access.